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Originally, when online casinos were initially launched, they were instantly popular with people throughout the globe. Instead of needing to travel to land based casinos, people could log in to their computer and online casino account, download the software and get started playing their favorite games online within minutes. Since the introduction of Flash based casinos, the world of online gaming has become even more popular.

So what is so great about Flash based casino applications? The benefit of using Flash based casino applications is that users do not even have to download the software. Instead, they can log online and start playing instantly. Downloadable applications can take a long time to configure, something that is not a trait of online Flash based casino applications.

A lot of people think that the only benefit of having a Flash based application is the speed in which they can start playing. In reality, there are many more, including the fact that a Flash based casino is generally much more higher quality, so offers a better gaming experience. The quality of both the visuals and the sounds are much higher quality. Players can get involved with all the best games, like roulette, slots, video poker, even blackjack and last but not least - poker.

Flash Based Casino Games

When it comes to the world of online casinos, there are two different types; casinos that will need to be downloaded and the ones that will not, which are usually Flash. Downloaded casinos will require players to log online download the software, then configure it with their computer. This is where a Flash based casino differs a great deal, as there is no need to download or install any software. Instead, players can start playing almost instantly.

One of the main reasons people avoid Flash casinos these days, is because the range of games on offer tends to be slightly smaller in comparison to a downloadable casino. Many players prefer the downloadable versions, even though the graphics and sounds relating to the game play are slightly lower in quality, the range of games tends to be bigger.

Flash games are effectively the new and convenient way of playing online casinos; without downloading a single thing. A lot of players might find that they have a slow connection, or are using mobile internet, which can make downloading software extremely problematic. Alongside this, not all software providers will have catered for every single type of operating system. Everyone knows that downloading software can be dangerous, as it can lead to viruses. Of course, with the Flash based casino, there is no chance of obtaining a virus, as there are no .exe or .zip files to download.

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